State programs of scientific research:

  1. Films based on chalcogenides, metal oxides and carbon for energy conversion (2021-2025, State program “Materials Science, New Materials and Technologies”).
  2. Research and development of low-toxic and photostable materials for solar energy (2021-2025, State program “Photonics and Electronics for Innovations”).
  3. Physical properties of photosensitive materials based on semiconductor multicomponent chalcogenide compounds for optoelectronics devices and thin-film photovoltaic energy converters (2021-2025, State program “Materials Science, New Materials and Technologies”).

State scientific-technical programs:

    1. Develop and manufacture a scientific-educational analytical complex for studying the dynamics of luminescence and photoabsorption of semiconductor structures in a wide temperature range (2021–2023, State scientific-technical program “National standards and high-tech research equipment”, subprogram “Scientific and educational equipment”).

Funds and grants:

      1. Electron and phonon properties of supported graphene functionalized with donor and acceptor dopants (contract with BRFFR, 2021-2023).
      2. Economical, environmentally friendly and highly efficient thin film solar cells based on Sb2(SxSe1-x)3 solid solutions (contract with BRFFR, 2021-2023).