Nanofinder HE confocal Raman/PL spectrometer
Purpose: local analysis by Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy
• 4 lasers (355, 473, 532 and 785 nm)
• high spectral resolution (up to 0.01 nm)
• spatial resolution of up to 200 nm (lateral) / 500 nm (vertical)
• highly-sensitive cooled photodetector (operating spectral range – 330-1100 nm)
• close-cycle cooling system for cryogenic measurements (down to 20 K)
• special cell for measurements at elevated temperatures (up to 800 K)
CFHF electrophysical measurement complex
Purpose: electrophysical and magnetic measurements with high stability and accuracy
• temperature range of 1.7-310 K
• magnetic field of up to 8 T
• measured parameters and characteristics: electrical resistance, current-voltage characteristics, magnetoresistance, Hall coefficient, Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, magnetic moment and magnetic susceptibility, impedance in the frequency range of 20 Hz – 30 MHz
Laboratory facility for thermoelectric measurements
Purpose: studies of thermoelectric properties of materials (including measurements under increased temperatures)
• determination of thermoelectric figure of merit, Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity
• temperature range of 20-400 °C
• residual pressure not worse than 2×10-5 bar, possibility of filling the chamber with a custom gas
SolverNano scanning probe microscope
Purpose: studies of three-dimensional topology and parameters of condensed media surface microrelief
• resolution without sensors of up to 0.05 nm in XY, up to 0.01 nm in Z
• XY-sensor noise level of 0.3 nm; 0.03 nm for Z-sensor
• basic techniques: contact AFM, amplitude modulation AFM, electrostatic AFM, magnetic AFM, AFM spectroscopy, STM techniques, lithography
MLS35 spectrometer
Purpose: measurements of photoconductivity, photocurrent and photovoltage spectra of photosensitive materials and structures
• spectral range of 200-1700 nm
• adjustable spectral resolution
• highly-sensitive amplification path with narrow-band amplification and synchronous detection (signal modulation frequency from 1.0 to 600 Hz)
MC122 spectrophotometer
Purpose: measurements of absorption, transmission and reflection spectra
• spectral range of 190-1100 nm
• spectral resolution of 3 nm
• minimum angle for reflected radiation measurements of 20°
Purpose: measurements of impedance depending on frequency, temperature and bias voltage
• alternating current frequency range: 20 Hz – 30 MHz
• bias voltage level of up to ± 40 V
• scanning signal level (RMS) from 0 to 2 V / 0 to 100 mA
• inductance measurements: from ± 1×10-18 to 999.9999×1018 H
• capacity measurements: from ± 1×10-18 to 999.9999×1018 F
• resistance measurements: from ± 1×10-18 to 999.9999×1018 Ω
Photon RT spectrophotometer
(Laser Physics and Spectroscopy Department)
Purpose: measurements of absorption, transmission and reflection spectra
• spectral range of 190-3000 nm
• spectral resolution of 1.8 nm (190-1000 nm) or 3.6 nm (1000-3000 nm)
• minimum angle of specular reflection 8°

Other analytical equipment of the University is also available for scientific research: X-ray diffractometers, scanning electron microscopes, spectrophotometers, Fourier-transform IR spectrometers, etc.