Head of the Department:

Ivan A. Svito
Ph.D., Lead Researcher
rooms 336, 322, phone +375 (17) 209-54-51, e-mail: ivansvito184@gmail.com.


Olga N. Rublevskaya
Department Secretary
room 338, phone +375 (17) 209-54-51, e-mail: rubleuskaya@bsu.by.

Full-time teachers:

Natalia S. Koneva
Ph.D., Associate Professor
room 338, phone +375 (17) 209-54-51, e-mail: prof.koneva@gmail.com.

Andrey V. Larkin
Senior Lecturer
room 222, e-mail: larkinav@bsu.by.

Invited teachers:

Konstantin V. Kozadaev
Dr.Sci., Professor, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Internationalization of Education, e-mail: kozadaevkv@bsu.by.
Mikhail S. Tivanov
Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Associate Professor
room 315, phone +375 (17) 209-52-50, e-mail: tivanov@bsu.by.

Artem O. Konakov
Senior Researcher at the Laboratory for Chemistry of Condensed Systems of Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University, Senior Lecturer
e-mail: artjom7777@gmail.com.

Research team:

Olga V. Korolik
Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory of Energy-Efficient Materials and Technologies
room 234, phone +375 (17) 209-53-59, e-mail: olga_zinchuk@tut.by.

Julia Kasiuk
Ph.D., Lead Researcher
room 322, phone +375 (17) 209-53-59, e-mail: julia-nechaj@yandex.by.

Liudmila S. Khoroshko
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Lead Researcher
room 234, phone +375 (17)209-53-59, e-mail: Khoroshko@bsu.by.

Egor A. Kolesov
Ph.D., Lead Researcher, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Physics for Research and International Cooperation
room 332, phone +375 (17) 209-51-20, e-mail: kolesov.bsu@gmail.com.

Alexander V. Mazanik
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Lead Researcher
room 322, phone +375 (17) 209-53-59, e-mail: mazanikalexander@gmail.com.

Aleksey V. Baglov 
Senior Researcher
room 234, phone +375 (17)209-53-59, e-mail: baglov@bsu.by

Educational support team:

Alexey V. Giro
Head of the Educational Laboratory, Senior Lecturer
room 416, phone +375 (17) 209-55-34, e-mail: giro@bsu.by.

Dmitry S. Bayko
Lead Engineer
room 340, phone +375 (17) 209-54-51 e-mail: Baykods@bsu.by.
Gennady Ya. Lopatov
Lead Engineer
room 340, phone +375 (17) 209-54-51.
Ivan V. Reentovich
Laboratory Assistant
room 416, phone +375 (17) 209-55-34, e-mail: Reentovich@bsu.by
Aksana L. Sakava
Laboratory Assistant
room 322, phone +375 (17) 209-53-59, e-mail:  oksana_sakof@mail.ru.