The department offers collaboration in the following areas:

Joint scientific research

  • Studies of structural, electrophysical, optical and thermal properties of various materials.
  • Studies of structural, electrophysical, optical and photoelectrical properties of photovoltaic materials and structures; modeling of solar cell and photoelectric converter parameters.
  • Development of new materials for energy storage devices.

Development of educational and research equipment

Conduction of measurements according to the technical task of the Customer

  • Measurement of electrophysical and magnetic parameters of materials and structures in the temperature range of 2 – 300 K and under magnetic fields of up to 8 T.
  • Measurement and mapping of Raman and photoluminescence spectra with high spectral (0.25 cm-1 / 0.01 nm) and spatial (sub-micrometer) resolution, including low- (down to 20 K) and high-temperature (up to 800 K) measurements.
  • Determination of three-dimensional topology and microrelief parameters of condensed matter surfaces (scanning probe microscopy).
  • Measurement of parameters of thermoelectric materials at elevated temperatures (up to 400 oC).
  • Thermographic determination of thermal insulation defects and leakage in structural components of residential and industrial buildings.
  • Experimental determination of thermophysical parameters of enclosing structures and heat-insulating materials.
  • Measurement of photoconductivity, photocurrent, and photovoltage spectra of photosensitive materials and structures.